Our Services

Students and young professionals love to work with us due to our partnerships with top-ranked educational institutions and universities, holistic orientation and support services, along with extensive research and resources made available to them to take the next step in their careers. 

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Resume Building

We facilitate our clients, students and professionals, to diligently structure their achievements and extracurricular activities, whilst crafting a bespoke strategy for them to enhance their professional, technical and soft skills.

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Career Prospects

Given their future goals, subject area of interest and target country of study, we appraise students on the courses available to them, job opportunities in that field and permanent residency prospects.

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Education Institution Prospects

After identification of the subject area the student wants to pursue, we evaluate an ideal university mix for their consideration either for a bridge program, direct entry or a transfer. Next, we assist them in all aspects of the application including personal statement guidance and any applicable merit scholarship or financial aid forms.

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Visa Processing

Our consultants guide students on visa requirements and timelines to ensure they take appropriate steps in collating the  supporting documents in a timely manner to manage their visa applications correctly.

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Preparatory Tests

Through our partnerships with preparatory schools, we assist students in formulating a schedule to ensure timely management of the tests applicable to their applications. These include SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and other standardised tests.

Apartment Building

Accommodation Services

We help students in finding the ideal location given their preferences and budget.